Riedel, the wine glass company

Riedel is an Austrian top brand for wine glasses and decanters. Many wine makers prefer this brand for their tasting sessions. Do we need to say more?

Riedel attunes the design of the glasses to the qualities of the wine. It thus maximizes the aroma, taste, texture and aftertaste of the wine. Lately, Riedel has also introduced multiple glasses for spirits and cocktails.

In close partnership with Riedel, Demuynck-Verrax advises on the selection of glasses, and is more than happy to service Belgian hospitality customers and restaurants who want top quality glasses for the top quality drinks they serve to their customers.

Riedel's wine glasses are like loudspeakers

From now on, Demuynck-Verrax offers the brand Riedel: a nice addition to the already extensive product range. We probably don't need to introduce Riedel as a top brand for wine glasses. However, it is always interesting to get to know the story behind the success.

In a recent interview with Wine Spectator, the world-renowned American lifestyle magazine about wine, Georg Riedel talks about his passion for wine. Georg Riedel already belongs to the 10th generation of glassblowers who are skilled in designing and making wine glasses and carafes. It is mainly Georg's father who, as a visionary, developed specific glasses for specific wines, out of the greatest respect for wine and the craft.

Top glasses

Austrian Riedel is now synonymous with wine glasses of the highest quality. At present, the company has 3 factories: 1 for hand-blown glassware, and 2 for machine-made glasses. And it sells in more than 125 countries. For Belgium, the company has been working with Demuynck-Verrax since 2019 as an importer for the hospitality industry.
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The next generation of Riedel is now in control: Maximilian Riedel is now CEO and his sister acts as an advisor from her background as a lawyer. Even though father Georg still has a lot to say: together with his son he develops new collections of glasses.


Because the concept, in which the design of the wine glasses is attuned to the palette of a wine, was groundbreaking, Riedel has over the years invested a lot in its 'ambassadors'. These are skilled sommeliers who let potential customers experience the impact of 'the perfect glass with the appropriate wine'.

In the early years, Georg Riedel went to restaurants himself, with his own bag full of wine glasses. He ordered wine and asked for it to be served in his own glasses so that he could enjoy it more. Stimulated by this display, restaurant owners wanted to know whether the taste could indeed be enhanced in this way. Even winegrowers, such as the Californian Robert Mondavi, went overboard and decided to make only Riedel wine glasses available in their tasting rooms.
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"We can't make wine better," said Georg Riedel, "but we can improve its enjoyment. The glass is like a loudspeaker for a wine." A top wine deserves a top glass.

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