Masters in kitchen
& tableware.

Demuynck-Verrax is the supplier of European (exclusive) top brands of products for tableware and the professional kitchen. As a Belgian family business, we serve the hospitality industry, private and government institutions, and present the widest range of products on the Belgian market. With the right know-how and experience, we offer excellent service and competitive prices in every segment.

Together we are ready for the future.

Demuynck and Verrax were already leading companies in the sector. When we decided to merge into Demuynck-Verrax in 2019, we became the largest player on the Belgian market.

Your advantages:
•  Largest team of specialists for every type of kitchen, also in your region
•  Largest stock within each product category
•  Largest offer in different brands, and even exclusive brands
•  Fastest delivery in Belgium

Our ambitions are far-reaching, but we continue to put the customer first. The economies of scale that we achieve help us to serve everyone as good as possible. It is only by joining forces that we can fully focus on the best offer, personal guidance and impeccable service thanks to extensive digitisation.

Chargement en cours
Chargement en cours