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As extra functionalities, you can find all your information including your order history and invoices, and consult and track current quotes and orders.

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Address details that are entered after you place your order can no longer be taken into account for your order.

On www.demuynck-verrax.be you can carry out an advanced search among our full range of tableware and kitchen items. Below you will find a brief summary of the ordering procedure:

It’s easy to search for your desired tableware and kitchen items in our webshop, then click on the ‘order now’ button on the right-hand side. The items will then be placed in the shopping basket automatically.

To go to the shopping basket, simply click on the shopping basket icon (top right of the website). You can then choose to proceed to checkout or continue shopping.

Please note!


- All prices are recommended retail prices (depending on the quantities ordered and/or the order size, extra discounts may be given)

- All prices are exclusive of VAT.

- Some items have a packaging unit.


- You must inform us of cancellations within 24 hours of placing the order. After this time, the order can no longer be cancelled.

 It’s also easy to request a quote for all the tableware and kitchen items you will find on our website. Follow the same procedure as for an order, when you’ve finished selecting the desired items, click on the green ‘request quote’ button and the items will be converted into a quote. 

Under ‘My quotes’ you will see an overview of all the quotes given. Here you have the option to order a quote

Orders over €350 VAT excl. are delivered free of charge in Belgium


We apply a shipping fee of €20 for orders under €350 VAT excl.


Special deliveries in 24 hours - express rate on demand


Deliveries abroad on request 

Any returns must be sent back within 7 days after the invoice date in the original packaging, at the customer’s expense.  

Returns are only processed with the approval of Verrax nv. This is why we would like you to inform us first if you are returning an item (within 3 working days) on the following phone number: +32 (0)56 540096 or send an email to:  log@demuynck-verrax.be    

Returned items that do not fulfil the above conditions will not be processed. 

Costs for sending back an item to Demuynck-Verrax must be covered by the customer, unless: 

•    You have received a damaged item.

•    An incorrect item has been delivered by Demuynck-Verrax. 

 When returning items, always clearly indicate your name and address or enclose a copy of the order form that you received with your order. This will allow us to process your return quickly.

Demuynck-Verrax has a low level of complaints, but in the unlikely event that something isn’t right with a delivered item, please do inform us.

Send a complaint via mail to  info@Demuynck-Verrax.be , clearly indicating your name and telephone number. You will receive a response from the delivery service within 72 hours. In mutual consultation, we will find a suitable solution to the complaint.

You can also inform us of a complaint by telephone: +32 (0)56 502531 or +32(0)2 3310044

A twelve-month factory guarantee applies to all goods sold by Demuynck-Verrax, unless otherwise indicated. The factory guarantee is only valid for normal use and provided all the conditions of use and maintenance instructions are fulfilled. 

Damaged goods are replaced or refunded, if goods are returned in the original packaging and we are informed of the return in writing or via email within 48 hours after delivery.

We work in good faith and in confidence, and always look for solutions in consultation with our customers.

Demuynck-Verrax respects the privacy of all users of its website, and takes care that the personal information that customers send to us is processed confidentially. We use your data in order to ensure the delivery is processed as quickly and easily as possible. For any other purposes, we will only use these data with your permission. Demuynck-Verrax will not pass on your personal data to third parties. You have the right to view, amend and delete the details saved by us.

Demuynck-Verrax uses personal data to provide the following services:

Your personal data are included in the customer database. Your data are used to assess, enter into and perform the supply agreement and manage the resulting customer relationship, including the performance of targeted marketing activities by Demuynck-Verrax. Demuynck-Verrax does not pass on any data to third parties that would compromise your privacy.

If you have forgotten your password, choose ‘Forgotten password’ when logging in. Fill in your email address and choose ‘Send new password’. Within a few minutes you will receive an email with your new password.

Keep your password in a safe place, so that you don’t need to keep requesting a new password.


You can choose a new password. Fill in the new password twice and click on ‘Save’ to confirm your new password.

You can view orders from the last 3 years.

You can consult and track open orders and quotes online

You can request your item history and place your order using the same list


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We always communicate de largest diameter of the glassware this to advice the proper glass rack.