PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition - is a coating technology that makes it possible to deposit a thin film on many different types of base materials. During the process, various metals that can be deposited - such as titanium, zirconium and chromium - evaporate in a vacuum atmosphere. As a result of kinetic energy and a potential difference between the products, ions move onto the surface where they condense and form the desired coating.
The metal layer is obtained by an entirely physical process and therefore possesses higher technical properties than any chemical or electrochemical process. PVD coating is particularly recommended for all those innovative quality products that require high chemical and technical properties (wear resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance) and at the same time offer a wide choice of chromatic colours.
PVD-COATINGS for decorative applications
PVD coatings, with a layer thickness between 0.2 m and 2 m, exhibit exceptional aesthetic characteristics and guarantee a very long service life for durability.
◦ Exceptional surface hardness (10002500HV)
◦ High wear and scratch resistance
◦ Resistance to UV exposure
◦ Resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis and most household cleaning agents
◦ Resistant to human sweat
◦ Anallergic: PVD coatings comply with DM 21/03/1973 (suitable for food and personal use)
◦ Ecological: PVD process is environmentally friendly because it does not pollute.
◦ Corrosion resistance: superior to any other surface treatment.